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Fresh Flow State

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Whew! What a trip this has been. Finding my flow through fiber has brought me blessings and headaches. All of which have helped me grow into the artist I am today. Of course, fiber isn't my only hobby; it is just one of many. One commonality I find through my hobbies is the flow state. That is what truly fuels my fire.

My favorite hobby at the moment is juggling. Yes, juggling. This manipulation of objects in space takes my brain into other realms I never knew existed - some call it a mediative state. I call it flow state: the point at which physical activity and mental capability are met with high skill and difficulty. In my flow state of juggling, I'm manipulating one object at a time (usually juggling three or more objects). Directing these objects to move through space creates these shapes that I just deeply enjoy. Putting all my energy into moving these objects into different shapes in space is very similar to my fiber work. I'm manipulating this yarn from a spool to a bleak fence, weaving it through so gently to create a shapes that creates beautiful typography and images. In the midst of the creations, I find myself in a flow state where my physical activity and mental capability are stretched to the point where everything around my slows down, the world gets quiet, and all of my energy is in that moment. It's bliss.

I encourage you all the search for your flow state in your personal activities that bring you joy. See where it takes you, in the moment and beyond. If you would like to learn more about flow state, please reach out and I can guide you on more information. Cheers!

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