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Patterns -

they are so beautiful. Simple imagery repeated are very pleasing to my eyes and brain. Even ugly images repeated several times can create something beautiful. Of course, this is all subjective. Patterns is where my hobbies of fiber work and juggling collide.

So last post I spoke about my passion for juggling. The passion is much broader then that; that is just my focus. The all-encompassing term this community uses is “Flow Arts.” This is any type of object manipulation, which spans from poi (a rope with a weight on the end of it), staff spinning, hola hoop, dragon staff, and, yes, JUGGLING. It’s a vast umbrella of physical activity that is understood worldwide. It’s incredible. One thing that flow arts share with fiber arts are patterns. There are moves using called “flowers,” where the path you create makes the shape of a flower. There are several other patterns within each prop family as well. Juggling has a seemingly infinite amount of patterns that are repeated on rhythm too… it’s beautiful. This is why many flow artist and jugglers share that passion for investigating new patterns. With Fiber Artistry, I find similar patterns with manipulating art works. I can create these repetitive patterns that fit well together and make sense in the larger picture. When it all falls into places, it’s a beautiful moment that I revel in. It is similar to juggling patterns. Taking my knowledge of both art forms helps me push through those speed bumps in both disciplines. I encourage you to find your preferred patterns and repeat them on rhythm.

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